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When the intruder alarm went off in Pee Squad’s secret underground lair, the twelve studs rushed through the hidden passageway in the study, worrying about what malevolence they would discover below, but it was only a cute blonde vixen who had followed them home from an ecological conference. She was wet and ready, and by the end she’s totally soggy after the Squad spreads a bukkake pie on her head, and then cleans her off with their heady midnight streams!

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Every once in a while, Donna Joe and Naty Lee try to reward themselves by taking turns surprising each other. A blindfolded Naty Lee is at the kind mercy of Donna Joe, awaiting Donna’s envisioned desires. Donna guides Naty cautiously to a square seat, where her partner can relax as she prepares her for the event. Once Naty Lee is lying safely on the seat, Donna Joe straddles over her, revealing her intentions as she begins to pee on her. She keeps her robe on, intent on having Naty Lee help her with it in the moments that follow. Donna is well prepared, and she gives Naty some excellent opportunities to admire her body and pissing, climbing on to the chair as she is finally helped out of her robe by Naty. She also removes her panties, further exciting Donna. This encourages her to let Naty take control, letting Naty do with her as she pleases while Donna pees again. Both girls take to the seat, crossing their streams of piss together. Eventually, the girls make it into the shower together. Donna again surprises Naty, naughtily raising her leg into the air to pee again.

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Sweet Cat and Smanatha Johnson are always dressed to the max at their art gallery, and they’ll do whatever it takes to get the sale…including some all-out piss action with a potential client! These bloused up beauties are afraid to get messy, and they’re ready to go anytime, anywhere, so right in the middle of the art gallery a watersports threesome unfolds! With pussies getting pumped and plenty of streams of piss, there’s plenty of nasty fun for everyone, and when this guy’s out of piss he busts his nut all over their slutty faces! Now how about that painting?

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