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Today we have two stunning European babes who can’t wait to get intimate with each other. Black haired Alice Nice and brunette beauty Honour May. Honour is feeling very in control and while wearing her crotchless lace bodystocking, she pushes Alice onto a chair and lifts up her leg before pissing over Alice in her skintight, skimpy red dress. Honour licks up her juices from Alice’s dress and works her way down to Alice’s crotch before licking her pussy. Honour leans back as Alice shoots a stream of piss into her mouth then these gorgeous pissing lesbians kiss each other. Honour leans on the fireplace and pisses again into Alice’s hand and then aims towards her mouth to let her indulge in piss smelling too. Alice strips naked and pees again into Honour’s mouth and over her bodystocking while Honour lays on the floor. This kinky pair then aim more of their pissy streams through a glass tube and lap up their juices from the ground while diving into it. The piss play turns them on so much that they both need to orgasm, so take turns fucking each other with a golden vibrator then finally they both shoot their golden pee into the tube at the same time, collecting even more of their golden nectar!

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