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Hot babe Lita Phoenix is sitting on the sofa reading when her guy comes in to work at his desk. He is easily distracted by her and needs to be relieved. He pulls out his dick and walks over to her, spraying his piss over Lita’s tank top. She sucks him off and strips naked so that she can ride his big cock! Bending over, Lita pees over his erect dick and sucks it once more before getting fucked again and laying back taking a mouthful of golden piss. This kinky couple love to take turns with golden showers and naughty Lita takes a load of cum in her mouth, followed by a glass full of piss to wash it down with!

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Stunning blonde Claudia Macc takes on the role of camera woman in our latest update on ViPissy. She gets to photograph the gorgeous Sweet Cat who is posing in a tight latex dress. Sweet Cat strips naked quite quickly and leans on the edge of a glass table before catching a stream of golden piss in a glass. This turns on Claudia so much that she decides to join in. Dipping her fingers in Sweet Cat’s piss, she gets Sweet Cat to taste it. The girls kiss and Claudia gets the golden juices poured over her blouse, turning it see-through. Now Claudia is naked too and bends over to let Sweet Cat catch her piss in her mouth before getting treated to some pussy licking action. They swap places and Sweet Cat gets her pussy treated too then suddenly releases even more of her piss over Claudia’s face and into her mouth. Both girls enjoy tasting their juices which have been caught in a glass and then Claudia gets onto the floor ready for some messy golden showers! After even more piss play, these horny babes get hold of a purple dildo and take turns using it together. Finally, they decide to get even more soaked and treat each other to face pissing where they end up with pee soaked hair!

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