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Sexy Best Friends - nipples, make, passionate
Release Year: 2017
Cast: Isabel Dark & Mag Ray
Genres: Brunette, Redhead, Close-up, Czech, Degustation, Dildo, Lesbian, Pissing, Piss in glass, Piss in mouth, Pussy wash, Shaved, Wet hair, Wet panties, Wet toy
Video language: English

Redhead babe Mag Ray and her dark haired companion Isabel Dark are best friends in more ways than one and today they are in the lounge and about to discover that each of them has a hidden secret of their love of piss play. They passionately kiss, as they often do when they meet and climb onto the leather sofa. These girls are no stranger to lesbian encounters but today there is a difference! Isabel pulls down Mag’s tank top and licks her nipples before Mag takes off Isabel’s hotpants. Things are starting to heat up! Naughty Isabel sits on the back of the sofa and sprays Mag with golden showers. Her tank top is soaked and Mag looks like she really enjoys it! Isabel licks her own golden juices off Mag’s sexy body. Soon a dark patch of pee appears on Mag’s denims so these horny girls take them off and lick their juices from their damp jeans. Now just in their tank tops, Isabel lies down on the sofa while Mag kneels above her and pisses over her toned stomach and pussy. Mag then turns over and starts to lick Isabel, enjoying the taste not only of her pussy but her own piss too! Soon both girls are naked and Mag continues her pussy licking while Isabel shoots a stream of her piss into Mag’s mouth. This lesbian piss smelling scene gets even hotter as they both take turns to juice golden pee before working their pussies with a flesh like dildo! Of course this results in more watersports action and finally these stunning European girls catch their final streams of piss into a glass and make even more mess everywhere!

Format: mp4
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Sexy Best Friends... Sexy Best Friends - nipples, passionate, make
Sexy Best Friends (make, nipples, passionate) Sexy Best Friends - passionate, make, nipples

Sexy Best Friends.
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Gina Gerson & Megan Rain.
Release Year: 2015
Video language: English

Megan is a young and hard working girl. Her schedule keeps her busy, so she is always looking for good help cleaning her home. Her previous hire was not meeting her expectations, so she sets a time and date for her next possible house cleaner. After she lays down a few ground rules, Gina says she is ready to start that same day. Megan quickly notices how diligently Gina is working. She kindly offers her to take a break and to feel free to use her shower if she needs to do so. Megan leaves to tend to her work – hearing the shower – she curiously takes a peek and finds Gina peeing in the shower. This really turns Megan on, and she squats for a piss out of Gina’s line of sight. Before wrapping up the day for Gina, Megan confesses that she witnessed Gina peeing and that it is something that she has always found highly erotic. She asks Gina, if by chance, she would like to pee on her. Gina gladly fulfills Megan’s request – but there’s more than just sharing that fantasy together for the girls – and they begin kissing before venturing into more than Megan or Gina could’ve ever imagined. No area is off limits as the girls pee on their feet, lick at their streams, and flaunt their best poses in their fun-filled romp.

Format: mp4
Duration: 53:17
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Gina Gerson & Megan Rain! Gina Gerson & Megan Rain
Gina Gerson & Megan Rain. Gina Gerson & Megan Rain.

curious con (Gina Gerson & Megan Rain).
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Gina Gerson & Megan Rain (girls, con, time)!


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Caprice's Angel!
Release Year: 2017
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To celebrate our 4th anniversary we have a real treat in store for you… A WORLD EXCLUSIVE, Little Caprice appears in her first ever lesbian pissing scene and we have it right here on VIPissy! Little Caprice teams up with Dido Angel in this update and this gorgeous pair are on their way back to the apartment. They get into the hallway and can’t keep their hands on each other as they start kissing and Dido Angel pisses through her tight denim jeans right there and then! Little Caprice helps her to take off her denims and they lick Dido Angel’s golden juices from her crotch. Little Caprice licks her pussy and is so turned on that she pees her denims too! The fun continues in the shower room as these pissing lesbians clean up. Their shower turns into even more piss play where Little Caprice kneels down and attempts to catch another stream of Dido Angel’s piss in her mouth. This is her first ever lesbian piss action and she looks like she is well into it! Little Caprice leans up against the shower room wall and pees over Dido Angel while getting her pussy licked some more! Next these lesbian pee lovers head into the bedroom. They enjoy some more pussy licking and Dido Angel even rims Little Caprice’s ass! Theses gorgeous European girls take turns using a purple vibrator and spray even more of their pee streams over the bed. Finally, they suck up their juices from the bed sheets and finish a very playful debut lesbian pissing scene!

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wet download hand - (Caprice's Angel) Caprice's Angel...
Caprice's Angel (mouth, hand, wet, download, pussy licking) Caprice's Angel - pussy licking, download, mouth.

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Caprice's Angel


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Love is a Burning Thing (kink, take turns, babe, wet, download)
Release Year: 2014
Cast: Tiffany Fox & Zuzana Zed
Genres: Lesbian,Oral,Domination,Face Sitting,Pissing
Video language: English

Curvy blonde Zuzana and dark haired vixen Tiffany are more than just roommates. These two naughty girls are also lesbian lovers who share an infatuation with piss. So when Tiffany returns from a shopping trip with two new pairs of cotton undies, the pee-crazy duo can’t wait to put them on and have some fun. With her legs spread wide Tiffany releases her bladder, wetting her panties while Zuzana hungrily sucks the moisture from between her girlfriend’s legs. The blonde hottie is quick to return the favor, making sure her own panties get soaked all the way through. Ready to step it up a notch, the girls take turns inserting lit candles into both pussy and ass, giving the phrase “playing with fire” a whole new meaning. Streams of fresh pee extinguish the burning flames but only serve to increase the heat growing in their dripping pussies. When Zuzana and Tiffany break out the high-powered magic wand vibrator, you can be sure these piss craving babes have a lot more kinky fun in mind.

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Love is a Burning Thing (download, take turns, babe, kink) Love is a Burning Thing.
Love is a Burning Thing! Love is a Burning Thing.

Love is a Burning Thing (kink, babe, wet).
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Foxies & Puppy (gorgeous, fuck each, vid, each others)
Release Year: 2017
Cast: Foxies & Puppy
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Video language: English

Today on ViPissy we have a combination of two gorgeous blondes, Foxies and Puppy. Both wearing sheer bodystockings, these stunning babes start kissing and can’t wait to get more intimate with each other! We see that Puppy’s bodystocking is crotchless as she stands up and releases a stream of her golden nectar all over Foxies. She licks up her own juices and makes her way to Foxies’ nipples and gives them a bit of stimulation with her tongue. Naughty Puppy starts to lick Foxies pussy and then these gorgeous girls switch positions as Foxies lets a stream of her piss shower Puppy and her perfect ass! Puppy pisses right into Foxies mouth then feels the urge to juice piss herself, so Foxies bends over and pees all over Puppy’s tongue! Puppy continues turning on Foxies by licking her soaking wet pussy some more. Using a funnel and a glass bottle, the girls both catch even more of their golden pee before they lick the funnel clean and then start to use the piss filled bottle as a sex toy. Puppy feels very playful and pours the contents all over Foxies curvy ass. These horny and piss loving girls then share a purple vibrator as they fuck each others pussies and Foxies sprays one last stream all over the toy before they both lick up their juices from the soaking wet bed sheet!

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Foxies & Puppy. each others vid (Foxies & Puppy).
Foxies & Puppy. Foxies & Puppy...

Foxies & Puppy (fuck each, gorgeous, each others).
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Big Clitoris (vid, joi, like)!
Release Year: 2000
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the German peasant tells that it is necessary to have and be able to join the European Union, while the Germans and Germans, for clarity, campaign in groups, both on the street and at home and with various improvised means of agitation … in general, a very entertaining video. I like it. (not trivial sex)

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movie video joi - (Big Clitoris) Big Clitoris (vid, video, like, joi, movie)
Big Clitoris - video, vid, movie, joi, like Big Clitoris.

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Paying The Price In Piss.
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Leila Smith has a antique wood shop, and today she has too super sexy customers, Nathaly Cherie in her tight black pants and corset, and Regina in some short denim shorts, who are interested in a cool chandelier. However, they didn’t come to pay good old fashioned cash…rather, they came to pay in good ol’ fashioned ass and kinky looking Nathaly gets things started out with some making out to start the lesbo action, and from there she gets both short-short girls doggy-style on the table and from there this trio gets into a lesbo licking train! Regina’s hairy pussy is looking nice as she proudly puts it on display, and these hotties aren’t stopping until they’ve licked and fingered themselves silly! Even then they demand more, with plenty of piss to spray out, but Leila doesn’t want it in her shop so they head outside and let the hair soaking golden showers begin!

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Paying The Price In Piss (golden, hot, goo). Paying The Price In Piss.
Paying The Price In Piss - golden, cam, hair, goo Paying The Price In Piss.

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bdsm fan (Sex Trance Bizarre 17 - Pigs show off).
Release Year: 2001
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Without the spirit of freedom, which still creates life in Berlin, the experiment KitKatClub never have been possible.

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Sex Trance Bizarre 17 - Pigs show off. Sex Trance Bizarre 17 - Pigs show off.
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Dafne & Katy Sky
Release Year: 2017
Cast: Dafne & Katy Sky
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Blonde babe Katy Sky and her dark haired friend Daphne are relaxing in the same room but start to get bored so they decide to liven things up a bit. Daphne notices that Katy has her hands down her panties, so she walks over to her and stands over her while spraying her in golden showers! Katy’s top is sodden in golden piss and Daphne starts to undress her before licking her pussy with her tongue piercing. Katy sits up on the back of the sofa and sprays her juices all over Daphne, who opens her mouth ready and waiting for some piss smelling fun. Both girls get naked and start to play with some golden ben wa balls which they suck before Katy inserts them into Daphne’s pussy. After pulling them out she licks them and then lays back on the sofa for her turn. Daphne enjoys returning the favour and then this pair of horny girls get hold of a purple vibrator which they take turns using. First, Daphne pisses all over it, and once they have both enjoyed this little toy, Katy bends over in a doggystyle position and pees into Daphne’s mouth! They continue to use their little toy and once both girls have orgasmed, they squat on the sofa and simultaneously spray another stream of piss over the coffee table before lapping up their messy puddle! If you love watching hd pissing lesbians, you’re in the right place!

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Dafne & Katy Sky - vid, russia, russian, panties Dafne & Katy Sky - russian, russia, panties, vid
Dafne & Katy Sky. Dafne & Katy Sky.

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